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A selection of articles about the life and work of Paul Fischer – Luthier

Paul Fischer Press Articles

A selection of articles about the life and work of Paul Fischer – Luthier

A double - and doubly unique - musical celebration.


Guitars, yes. But not (quite) as we know them….
Two new and unique instruments, played in public for the first time by John Mills.
Music By Bach, Schubert, Sor, Giuliani, Pujol, Aguado, Piazzola.

John will play the only replica of the beautiful, sweetly musical and really rather sexy instrument that Shelley gave to the fascinating Jane Williams, about whom he said pretty much the same things, but in verse. Jane played it and sang for him beneath Italian stars until, just three months later, Shelley drowned, shipwrecked in a thunderstorm and the music stopped. A luthier’s label is an instrument’s birth certificate. The label in Shelley’s guitar, now a mute treasure in the Bodleian Library, tells us it was born in Ferdinando Bottaris’ Pisa workshop in 1816. The presentation of this re-creation, by Julian Roach in the Chipping Norton workshop of Paul Fischer (with lots of his help), therefore comes as a Two Hundredth Birthday party. You are invited to hear Music from Shelley’s world and with it something of the rebel poet’s strange journey through that world – and even stranger departure from it.

Julian Roach 



Local Chipping Norton resident attends Queen’s reception at Buckingham Palace, to mark the 50th
anniversary of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.
Paul Fischer, instrument maker from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, attended a reception at Buckingham Palace, hosted by Her Majesty The Queen on 18th March. Her Majesty The Queen, who is patron of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, hosted the event to mark its 50th anniversary as Sir Winston’s living legacy. Since 1965, over 5000 British citizens have been awarded Churchill Fellowships, from over 100,000 applicants, to travel overseas to study areas of topical and personal interest. The knowledge and innovative ideas they bring back are shared, for the benefit of their profession, their community, and, in lots of cases, the nation. for many people, a Churchill Fellowship proves transformational, and they go on to achieve great things-effecting positive change within society. Paul went on his Fellowship in 1983, to Brazil, to investigate the destruction of the rainforests and its impact on the export of precious and special tonewoods used in the making of fine musical instruments. Fellow instrument makers benefitted from Paul’s work and the discovery of less endangered species particularly as by 1992, two particular species were placed on Cites Appendix 1 of the list of endangered species. Fellows from every decade since 1965 represented the Trust at the reception, as well as representatives from the Winston Churchill Trust in Australia and the Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States. To mark its semicentennial, the Trust has just awarded a record number of 150 Travelling Fellowships-investing at least £1.3m in British citizens. This year’s Fellows will travel to 58 countries between them, across six continents, where they will carry out a wide range of projects. The average length of a Fellowship is 6 weeks. Many events are being held throughout the year to celebrate Sir winston’s life and legacy. ”We were delighted and honoured that the Queen hosted a reception to mark our anniversary year. Sir Winston’s legacy lives on through our Fellows-individuals who, like him, have vision, leadership, a passion with a purpose, and a commitment to help their fellow citizens” says Jamie Balfour.Director General of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Offeo Magazine (No.11 – Spring 2018)

Paul Fischer, David Rubio’s Successor


Guitarre Aktuell (April 2015)

Interview by Siegfried Hogenmüller

InBusiness (Oxford Times July/August 2009)

InBusiness (Oxford Times July/August 2009)

 The Wood & the Wire by Chris Hogan

Classical Guitar Magazine (February 1998)

Classical Guitar Magazine (February 1998)

Paul Fischer Interview by Therese Wassily Saba

Classical Guitar Magazine (November 1986)

Classical Guitar Magazine (November 1986)

Paul Fischer Leading Luthier by Colin Cooper

Internationally acclaimed guitarist, Xuefei Yang.

Internationally acclaimed guitarist, Xuefei Yang.

The highly gifted guitarist Xuefei Yang with Elias String Quartet.

The highly gifted guitarist Xuefei Yang with Elias String Quartet.

Paul Fischer Against the Grain book Paul Fischer Against the Grain book
Paul Fischer

Against The Grain

The immense success Paul Fischer has achieved in a remarkable career is, of course, not only due to his amazing gifts but also sheer hard work, his energy, combined with a passionate belief in what he wanted to create. Therefore, with this fascinating publication, we celebrate his artistic contribution and his supreme talent.

John Mills

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